MoveRescue was formed in November 2003 to help educate and empower consumers who are looking for a reputable moving company or who have fallen victim to fraudulent or criminal activity in the moving process.

MoveRescue is endorsed by United Van Lines, LLC and Mayflower Transit, LLC. As leaders in the transportation industry, United and Mayflower are pleased to support moving consumers when moving scam criminals violate the federal consumer protection regulations.

Mission/Consumer Support

MoveRescue’s mission is to bring awareness to the fraudulent moving practices used by criminals in the transportation industry and to help educate and empower all consumers that are affected by these criminal practices. MoveRescue provides these consumer resources at no cost to the consumer. Although each moving situation is unique, MoveRescue may include any of the following resources via this helpful website:

  • The federal consumer protection regulations and required information.
  • How to find a reputable mover.
  • Understanding the moving process and industry practices.
  • Sample demand letters to the movers.
  • Contact information of federal and state agencies.

What can MoveRescue Do?

Offer education and support on interstate household goods — shipments or moves – interstate means the items will be going from one state to another and will be governed by federal rules and regulations. Please note: MoveRescue’s tips generally apply to interstate moves.

Help you to better communicate directly with the moving company to try and resolve the situation with tips and resources that help you understand your rights.

What can’t MoveRescue Do?

Provide contracts of support concerning intrastate or international moves – Intrastate means the items are going from one place in a state to another place within the same state. An Intrastate move is governed by the laws of that specific state. If your move falls into the intrastate description, you can find your enforcement agency to contact here: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move/state-law-enforcement. International means between two countries, for example, the U.S. and Canada.

Represent you in a court case

Review or assist in the filing of lawsuits in either federal or state court

Provide contacts of the American Trucking Association (MSC) – if you need additional resources, and/or are having an issue with an MSC member, please visit https://www.moving.org and click on the “Consumer Assistance” tab.